Digital Whiteboard

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Digital Whiteboard is significant and is used by many educational institutions these days. It’s an interactive smart board where you explain things to seekers or students, in educational platform or in any corporate meetings to present something and also in order to engage them. All it has is a smart board with all possible technicalities to make the interaction smart. This also gives the vibe of freshness in the classrooms or the meetings and brings out something extraordinary for everyone. The purpose of a digital smartboard is to enrich the educational platforms mainly and it also enhances the maximum interesting interaction that can be expected from who use and seek.

How does this work?

A Digital whiteboard works with the help of any computer you connect with. It has some really useful features like

  1. Touch.
  2. Pen tray
  3. Notebook application

These features are basic and will be applied in any digital smartboards.




It is touch recognition of another level. With touch recognition, you can use a pen to write, a finger to navigate and a palm to erase. This feature lets you automatically erase between ink (when you write something with the pen), touch with fingers or navigate and erase modes without any remote control.

You can use this board without connecting to the computer as well. This happens to have the exact same experience when you use a normal traditional white boards where you write with a marker or pen, erase with palm or eraser. But here, the touch effect made a huge difference and set the standards up for the next generation to the next level.

While you connect your smart board with a computer, you can drag items from it and display it on the board which is comfortably fast and also interactive at the same time.

Usage of the smart board is exactly the same as you use a normal board. If you not familiar with the smart board, all you have to do is to open the notebook application and you can access the same things you would use on a whiteboard or a chalkboard.

A unique part of intuitiveness that comes with this technology, you will know that whenever you press something or click something it’s going to open up and you can trust it to work properly.



The Pen Tray:

Here comes the most interesting feature that makes the smart whiteboard easy to use is their pen tray. The pen tray works like a chalkboard. Pick up the black pen and write it, take another color and highlight it. You must be thinking what’s the big deal in it. The most unique and comfortable feature here gives you the luxury which you don’t get in normal boards is that you can use any object to write on the board. Because the technology is in the pentray, not the pen, you can use any object to write the notes.  That “object” behaves as the pen and inks the board. You can also use your finger to write with. And this is accessible to all people.How exciting is that?



Notebook application:

In addition to the touch recognition and pen tray, the smart whiteboard interaction is made easy by another software that is set the standard how the lessons are delivered,, created and managed(if this is being used in educational institutions). Smart notebook software lets you have the interactivity to the lessons with a powerful set of education.

This applies to the commercial purposes too. For the corporate meetings, you can drive the agenda of the meeting or project through some interesting interactive set of explanation skills which is going to eventually end up with success. Weather you are starting from scratch or using the data which is already in the smart notebook app, the simple interface makes you to choose the right option for every step you require in. This compensates the main primary goal of an interactive smart goal, make it easy for everyone to use.

By developing this system, especially in schools, it helps everyone to get rid of the classroom culture and it makes the students go way more involved in their lessons and inputs from the teacher.

Another interesting fact about the smart boards or the digital whiteboards is that the Human Resource Department (HRD) of the country has declared to launch “operation digital board” in concept of providing interactive whiteboards in every class of government schools across the nation. This itself speaks the significance of learning, teaching and thinking smart has a lot of influence to the society.

Now, if this is a government’s call, there surely will be a demand of these smartboards. When there is a demand, naturally many brands establish their existence with the best of best quality from everyone. Out of which we have two interesting recommendations, Spark Hub and Air Mind.

These are the best smart whiteboards you find in the market today. One for the the educational purpose and the other for the corporate purpose.

Spark Hub is typically used for the educational purpose with an exceptional feature of surface independent touch interactive projection system. Be it a wall or a simple traditional whiteboard or any kind of surface you are projecting at, your eyeRIS XI of Spark Hub will interact within no time. It also has some extraordinary features and tools like the Einsboard Neo which is the physical whiteboard who helps in taking the concept of smart boards to the highest possibility.also we have the Spark touch, panel, view as features collaborated in Spark Hub.

For the Corporate usage, we have Air Mind which is undoubtedly the best digital whiteboard for corporate meetings. Air Mind panel, touch, hub being the driving features about this interactive smartboard, it is been proved as one of the promising devices a corporate meetings can have. It’s fuss free, accurate and also loads up the format of design of the meeting in customised order to present on. Air Mind’s whole idea is to give both the users and interactors an unforgettable experience.

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