Have you ever lost very important data, whether it is important reports or excel sheet at work or pictures of a beautiful family vacation or a semester project or a collection of your favourite actor’s  movies and so on. Backing up your data on a regular interval will save you all the hassle and also the heart ache. You will be able to keep all your hard work safely if regular back up is taken.

No matter how good our laptops, desktops, hard drive ,usb’s and mobiles phones are they will all wear out with time and ultimately there are chances of losing all the data. You might take the hardware to the local vendor and sometimes if you are luck they might be able to retrieve the data, but again that is a gamble.

Apart from the hardware issues the internet is also a big threat to your data. Viruses and trojan not only steal your data but in some cases erases the data altogether. Off late ransomware is also becoming a great concern. This is a phenomenon where a hacker puts virus on your laptop or desktop and encrypts the data. Once again you are required to pay a lot of money to unencrypt the data.  If you had a back up of the data you could just erase all the data on the drive and restore to your latest backup.

Various ways you can backup your data:

  • These days storage has become affordable and it is always a good idea to invest in an external drive and take a back up of all your data that is saved on your laptop and desktop.
  • Cloud storage is another option. This option is better as compared to other modes. Incase there is a natural calamity like flood or an earthquake you will likely lose your data backed up on external drives as they might get damaged.
  • It is always a safe bet to have a back up of your data on cloud as well as on an external drive, just to be double sure that our data is safe.
  • At the same time it is important to have physical copies of important documents like bank statement, tax records, health reports and so on. Even if technology fails you these physical documents will always be handy.
  • I is important to identify what you need to backup, because some of your photo or applications are on auto back up mode on cloud or Google.
  • Your documents are going to be the most essential part of your backup. Take time to organize your data so that is easy for you to find them in the external drive or on cloud.
  • Application data backup is essential as well a little tricky because this data changes on  daily basis. In this case you need a backup solution that backs up in regular intervals in a day or on daily basis.

Hence it is always a good idea to take regular back up of your data to avoid it from getting erased or losing it altogether.