Our Products & Services

We cater to Laptops, Desktops, Servers and Storage requirements of people. We have pretty vast range of all these gadgets and also with lot of specifications as per the requirement. From traditional use to Professional use we make sure that we have products catering to needs of different people. We have divided our Products and services in different categories as per the uses.


Laptop is one such portable device which connects you with entire world in few seconds. This is the most handy device for all in one purpose. Ranging from work requirements to student examination material, meetings to examination results, from games to planning weddings, from home decor to watching movies everything can be done via laptop. It proves to be of utmost importance in today’s World. Below are the various Laptops as per their uses:

  • Business Laptops : We have range of Thinkpad Laptops for professional or Business use. Tough as nails and reliable, these laptops and 2-in-1s keep you productive in any environment. It has high end processing and graphical tools and cutting edge Touchscreen Technology for you to be highly productive. Also they are ultraportable so you can work from everywhere.
  • Gaming Laptops : Lenovo brings all together a different series of Laptops for Gamers so that they don’t have to stay glued to Desktops anymore. Legion by Lenovo brings you with discrete graphics and overclockable CPUs so that you can engage yourself in immersive audio and vivid displays.
  • Convertible Laptops: Lenovo brings you the unique range of Yoga Laptops which can be rolled down 360 degrees. Isn’t it great. Also you get touchscreen technology with vibrant displays. Pen support for artists and designers and a Halo Keyboard is also what you get. Isn’t this amazing. Also it serves for Professionals, Graphic Designers, Gamers, Students. So for everyone.
  • Budget Laptops: Lenovo Ideapads are very budget friendly laptops and can be used by students or at home for all purpose like browsing, social media surfing etc.


Desktops is the modern term used for Computers as they have replaced that old big box small screen Computers to nice looking sleek LED screen Monitors. Desktops serve all purpose from Business to Family use, from Professionals to Gamers everyone loves to use Desktops especially for a fact that they have bigger screens and work well at Offices are indeed Budget friendly. Below are the various Desktops as per their uses:

  • Business Desktops: ThinkCentre Desktops cater to needs of professionals across the world. They give high productivity alongwith long term durability and reliability. They range from traditional tower desktops to ultracompact powerhouses.
  • Gaming Desktops : We have range of Lenovo Legion Desktops with powerful graphics and high end processors for gaming lovers. You can choose from range of towers , compact, cool-looking cube models, and all-in-ones .
  • Family and Entertainment Desktops : We have a Lenovo PC for all in one use. It can be a stylish entertainment Desktop, a reliable Desktop for family usage or highly portable Desktop which can fit inside your pocket.
  • Desktop Deals : If you are looking out for budget friendly Desktops Lenovo has Ideacentre Desktops to offer value without compromising on performance. But this fill fit as per your pocket and for your basic requirements.


Lenovo offers open server, storage, networking and management platforms that run the best operating systems and applications without any hassle with industry-leading security, reliability, and record-setting performance. Most importantly, Lenovo provides these products and solutions at the best possible prices in the industry. Following are the Lenovo Servers:

  • The Lenovo Rack Server Portfolio: Lenovo rack systems feature innovative hardware, software and services that solve customer challenges today and deliver an evolutionary fit-for-purpose, modular design approach to address tomorrow’s challenges. These servers capitalize on best-in-class, industry-standard technologies coupled with differentiated Lenovo innovations to provide the greatest possible flexibility in x86 servers.
  • The Lenovo Tower Server Portfolio : Lenovo single-socket and dual-socket tower servers provide the balance of performance, reliability, scalability and easy-to-use tools in a compact design to help meet general business requirements.Lenovo tower servers are ideal to handle behind-the-scenes IT tasks for small-and-medium-sized organizations—from schools deploying virtual desktop sessions or blackboard applications, to retail deployments, to distributed environments like banks with multiple locations.
  • The Flex System Portfolio : Flex System is a new category of Converged Infrastructure and next-generation blade platform. Flex System simplifies infrastructure deployment via integration. It is built on a robust enterprise chassis with integrated compute and networking, with Lenovo XClarity management and several storage choices.
  • The NeXtScale System Portfolio : The NeXtScale System is an ultra-dense, scale-out platform with an innovative approach to maximum usable density. Optimized to handle high-performance, clustered workloads that demand flexibility, NeXtScale System helps to deliver insight faster. This simple, yet powerful, system can handle applications ranging from technical computing, to grid deployments, to analytics workloads, to large-scale cloud and virtualization infrastructures.


Lenovo provides its customers with enterprise-class features they need at prices they want. This includes features like storage tiering, thin provisioning, and data encryption all in an easy to use interface. Along with affordable high-end features, we strive to ensure our products are non-disruptive into any environment. Our customers can choose which architecture, protocols and vendors are right for them. Lenovo offers a variety of SAN, DAS, NAS and tape offerings to fit any of your storage needs. This flexibility we offer our customers is unique for IT. Lenovo’s storage portfolio is growing stronger all the time, not only do we offer a wide range of IT products as a whole, but our storage portfolio has something for just about everyone. Following are Storage products offered by Lenovo:

  • Lenovo Storage S2200 and S3200 : These are extraordinary products focused on simplicity, speed, scalability and availability. The intuitive management interface to these products automates complex configurations and operations so customers will not need additional IT resource to manage them. Additionally, they are designed to deploy into a wide variety of environments without disrupting normal business operations.
  • Lenovo Storage N4610 and N3310 : The Lenovo Storage N4610 and N3310 are Microsoft Windows Storage Server NAS appliances. These powerful devices work seamlessly in Microsoft Server environments providing features like clustering, deduplication and virtual storage pooling. Features like these, which are typically found in high-end systems, are available at the edge of the network. They are ideal for small to medium businesses who need shared storage for database applications, backup targets, and file sharing.
  • IBM Storwize V3700, V5000, and V7000 : Enterprise-class SAN appliances are extremely easy to use and provide excellent management for all type and sizes of data centers. The Storwize family of products offers Real-time compression, data virtualization, hyper-swap, and extreme scalability.
  • IBM Tape Drives and Libraries : Lenovo is now equipped to resell IBM entry tape drives and libraries. Tape products are an extremely cost effective archive solution. In fact, tape has the lowest price per gigabyte among all the storage products.