When was the last time you bought an iPad or you saw someone purchasing an iPad? Well, now if you never bought an iPad till now you are going to buy now or you are going to change it because Apple has launched its third generation of iPad Pro in Oct, 2018!!! Apple iPad Pro 2018 is all everyone is talking about and so the article!

Apple iPad Pro 2018 has got everything which we are waiting for. It comes in silver and space grey shades bearing the capacities of 64 GB, 256GB. 512GB and for the first time it is one TERABYTE with regards to the storage. Of iOS 12. The size has only two simple options with 11 inches and 12.9 inches. Aren’t they the best sizes?

iPad Pro has launched in the United States on Oct, 2018 and it is still not launched in India yet and there is still no official confirmation about  the launch of iPad Pro in India. Hence, the prices are not going to be mentioned in this article. You wouldn’t be surprised about the pricing as it is an Apple product, but this needs a special mention because this is the most expensive iPad ever! The price depends on the size of the iPad and also the memory of the iPad. The basic 11 inch sized iPad with 64GB memory costs approximately INR 71000. As it goes on increasing with its size and memory, the price increases.

The power adapter is a brand new USPC power adapter with 18 watt power which means you finally get faster charging compared to the older generations of iPads. The corners are rounded and it is super super thin. And one should be very very careful while handling this as it may be slippery as well. This generation of iPad has the wifi version and also guess what?? The cellular version!! Yes!! iPad pro is now available in cellular version too and it has a nano sim slot with a special sim insertion tool given. This time Apple realizes to cut off all the unwanted stuff so the iPad Pro doesn’t have the home button as it is totally touch. Just click on the screen and it lights up, unlock it and use, as simple as that! It has a true def camera sensor housing as this generation of the iPad includes the face ID feature. Though the home button is removed, you still get the two volume buttons in the side with sleep wake button on the top. One more reason to buy it!

The rear camera is about 12 megapixel which is great for the super thin device like this. It has 5 microphones which enhance facetime calls. There is a new magnetic connector of second generation Apple pencil which allows to pair it up with iPad Pro wirelessly. The black bezels and the cornered shapes makes this iPad Pro unique and stylish. Like the iPhone X, you can use a gesture to quickly go back to the home screen, apps switcher,  to just invoke any app by swiping it up. You also purchase apps from the app store by verifying your face ID. As there is no home button, even siri gets changed, yes! Now if you want to talk to siri, you need to press and hold the wake button and hola! Siri arrives!! How many talk to siri about your life problems everyday? Lol

Mentioning about the camera, the rear camera is now having 5 element lens from 6 element lens which drops optical image stabilization because of the space. But we can now record the stereo sounds because of the extra 3 more microphones we have in here. As far as the videos are concerned, we get 4k at 24 and 60 frames per second which is incredible as it wasn’t available in the previous generations. The front camera is true depth and it can frame up to 60 frames per second in 1080p. It also has the smart HDR which is not a small upgrade in this iPad Pro. Looking at some of the pictures clicked from this iPad Pro, it is understood that the camera quality is decent and it actually works well when there is lot of light, especially in the portrait mode. Low light shots may not be that great!

Now, not only we got the second generation for the Apple pencil, we also got the second generation of smart keyboard folio. This cleaned up all the complains every iPad user spilled previously on Apple about the less magnets because of the keyboard alignment for the official accessories. Now it has hundreds of magnets at the keyword folio which eventually gets aligned with the official accessories.

New feature is the USB C from lightning which supports SD card readers, more specifically it also supports UHS 2 cards. It has USB C connector of USB A adapter.  It also has the USB 2 headphone jack which will connect you to the headphones as well. Isn’t it cool??

we still have limitations with respect to the memory cards and out source data. iPad Pro doesn’t still recognize the UHS 2 cards though it shows the content in the memory card, which literally means you can’t import photos because Apple always wants the users to use photos for everything because it always encourages the users to buy more storage which eventually increases their margin and this is frustrating to many users. If you connect the USB flash drive, it wouldn’t consider and it says “Elements not available”.

Still, everyone can happily do their day to day job considering many wonderful features which are new and upgraded. So are you going to pre book your order before the iPad Pro storm hits the Indian market?